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1. General

How do the Seepje wash nuts work?

All Seepjes use the shells of the Sapindus mukorossi fruit. These contain a natural form of soap called saponin. When they come into contact with water in your washing machine, they spontaneously release this soap! In technical terms, the saponin molecule has a water-loving part and a fat-loving part. The saponin attaches to the dirt and simultaneously to the water, allowing the dirt to be rinsed away. Additionally, saponin reduces the water's surface tension, making it even more effective at removing dirt. Find more information about washing with our super shells here.

Where can I find Seepje in stores?

With our (number) points of sale in the Netherlands and Belgium, there is sure to be one near you! Take a look at and discover where you can find us, or place an order directly in our webshop!

How can I get Seepje products abroad?

Whether you are under the southern sun or in the far north, you can find us under the name Soaply. Our availability is currently limited, but we are working hard to clean the world with more people from different nationalities.

Our products can now be found in:

  • Sweden, Spain, Portugal & UK
  • Japan

How long are Seepje products shelf-stable?

Our laundry products do not have an expiration date. As long as you store them in a cool place, they are ready for use when you are. If something seems off, simply send a photo to hoi@soaply.comand we will be happy to help!

For our hair, body, and hand products, the recommendation is to use them within 12 months after opening.

I want to sell Seepje products, how do I get in touch?

That's great! Together, we can wash the world cleaner. The best way is to email We will be happy to assist you!

I would like to collaborate with Seepje, how do I get in touch?

Together, we are stronger, especially on the way to a clean soap world. The best way is to email We will see what is possible.

Currently, we do not offer free Seepjes for event promotion.

Why do Seepje products cost more than other soaps?

Seepje pays a fair price for natural ingredients, as well as fair wages and better working conditions in Nepal. Each wash with Seepje costs €0.43. That's quite a reasonable price for a cleaner and more beautiful world, right?

What makes the scent of Seepje products so unique?

All our scents are 100% natural, so we do not use synthetic perfumes. These are chemicals that provide fragrance. Synthetic fragrances are manufactured in a laboratory, often derived from petroleum.

Can I dispose of my soapy Seepje water in nature?

If you wash with the super shells, the answer is yes! For all our other Seepjes, the answer is no. Although our products are much more environmentally friendly than regular detergents and are highly biodegradable, disposing of wash water in nature can pollute groundwater and disturb the life of plants, animals, and bacteria. When you normally wash, the wash water ends up in the sewer, and water treatment plants can easily break down the substances in our detergents with little energy and purify the water. When you pour the wash water in your garden, these substances end up in the groundwater, where they take longer to break down. So, we do not recommend it!

Where can I buy the hand lotion and hand soap set?

We make this set for the Dutch Postcode Lottery as an exclusive collaboration. Unfortunately, we do not sell it separately. For now, we hope you win it again!

Where has your all-purpose cleaner gone?

We are busy improving our range, which involves making choices. Last year, we focused on expanding our shower products such as shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel, which meant we removed the all-purpose cleaner from our range. Unfortunately, we cannot do everything, but we continue to innovate and strive for the best products!

2. Product Use


Why don't I see foam in my washing machine?

The amount of soap in the drum does not indicate the cleaning power. The cleaning action comes from the water mixed with soap. For this reason, we do not use unnecessary foam boosters and let our super shells and other natural ingredients do your laundry.

Which detergent is best for which laundry?

Seepje Universal detergent with ‘Sparkling Jasmine Scent’ offers the most powerful cleaning for your white and coloured laundry. With the concentrated formula full of sustainable ingredients, we even teach stains a lesson at 20°C.

Do you want your coloured laundry to shine? Choose Seepje Colour detergent with ‘Magical Magnolia Scent’. It cleans effectively and ensures colours stay beautiful longer by preventing pilling and fuzz.

Or do you have delicate fabrics like wool and silk that need a gentle wash? Seepje Wool & Fine detergent is specially developed for this. It keeps shapes and colours beautiful for longer!

Will my white laundry become dull by washing with shells?

When you wash with our super shells, you wash 100% naturally. Regular detergents often contain optical brighteners and bleaches, which you no longer use. This may result in your white laundry becoming duller over time. But don't worry, we have some washing tips! Wash white laundry only with white laundry, so a white T-shirt with blue stripes can already give off. Do you want to give your white laundry a boost? Oxygen bleach is the most environmentally friendly alternative.

Why do you have fabric softener? Isn't it bad for the environment and your clothes?

Fabric softener has three main functions: fragrance, softening, and protecting clothing fibres. Softening and protecting happen because the cationic surfactant ensures all clothing fibres lie nicely parallel to each other (instead of fuzzy and tangled) and the clothing fibres get a protective layer, a sort of conditioner for your clothes.

All fabric softeners work this way, including our natural fabric softener. But there is a difference: many people do not know, but many regular fabric softeners contain a thick, fatty animal surprise. Ingredients with the word 'tallow' are made from animal fats. Fortunately, you can also care for and protect your laundry without animal fat. Seepje uses a 100% natural and vegan alternative.

It's true that 'fatty' ingredients are present in fabric softener. After many washes with fabric softener, this can build up and, for example, cause towels to absorb water less well or clothes to become less breathable. We recommend occasionally doing a wash without fabric softener. This way, you can maintain the benefits of fabric softener, such as protecting against stretching, tearing, and wear of fibres, colours staying beautiful longer, and softer laundry, while preventing the drawbacks in time.

Why does my laundry not smell fresh?

It's unfortunate that your laundry smells different than expected! Besides personal preferences for scents, there is also a difference between regular detergents and Seepje in terms of fragrance. We only use natural ingredients and fragrances! These natural fragrances are less intense and fade more quickly. We continuously work on improving our products while keeping our principles regarding the origin of ingredients and the impact on people and nature in mind.

Additionally, if you frequently wash at low temperatures (good job!), detergent residues and fat lice can remain in the washing machine, which can smell. It is therefore advisable to run a hot wash (90°C) every 2 to 3 months, possibly with cleaning vinegar. Or use an eco-friendly washing machine cleaner.

3. Personal Care

Hand Washing

My hand soap isn't pumping, what should I do?

It could be that the cap is not properly fitted on the neck, preventing the pump mechanism from working correctly. Try unscrewing the cap entirely and then tightening it securely.

If this doesn't help, you can try the following:

  1. Remove the pump from the bottle.
  2. Hold the pump with one hand at the 'spring chamber' (part 3).
  3. Hold the pump with the other hand at the 'nozzle' (part 1).
  4. Twist these two parts a quarter turn from each other to click the pump open.
  5. Place the pump back in the bottle.

If it still doesn't work, email We will find a suitable solution!

Hair Washing

Which shampoo is best for my hair?

"Hydrate & Nourish" is perfect for daily use. The luxurious formula, enriched with Moroccan argan oil, plant-based rice proteins, and hyaluronic acid, hydrates your scalp, protects your hair, and restores the moisture balance.

For lifeless and damaged hair, "Repair & Care" is the ideal choice. The nourishing blend of organic shea butter from Ghana, plant-based rice and oat proteins calms your scalp, nourishes lifeless hair, and stimulates the production of natural keratin to repair damaged hair.

My hair feels stiff and flat after using the shampoo. Why is that?

We're sorry to hear that! We understand how frustrating it can be to get stiff hair. We would like to learn more about your routine – have you used the shampoo in a specific way? If you're open to giving it another try, we'd be happy to send